the weather has got the better of me :(

dearest ozakawa:how to get rid of pimples??

after return from class..i live alone in my room...because just in frens(BFF) say 

sumthing to sad because ungkit citer lama gitu..btw..i also prould as have awesome 

result..what is the meaning??i mean dulu i have some of pimples besides have acne bumps 

n redness.but now its was soft n licin without any thing at my body while my 

marvelous..continue topic..kekawan y byk jerawat ask me..hey u.knper dulu laen.skrg 

laen..(maksud mereka ialah dulu byk jerawatt but now no else.hepy3....

frens:pakai ape e

me:i pakai Virgin coconut oil~!!! got from my dearest sister 

in KL..nak try erk??x pyh la..x mujarabb pon....

frens:abis tuh??

me:pakai jerk product Mentholatum..i tot.u can trust 

it..hehehe,..wink~~(gedix gitu)

frens:x pnah dgr u get it??

me:erm.sure la x dgr.baru jerk keluar mase skrg nh 

da jadik femes mcm i..i think u can get it at pharmacy lor...

frens:okeh.tengs for infomation.btw.ur face now looks very 

awesome n diffrent..

me:dulu teruk kew??i think thre are no much pimple okeh...

frens:dulu ade la 4 or 5 biji.but now..thre are none 

more...slmt la..

me:okeh...tengs for ur opinion frens!!!!1

frens:so ape yg boleh i pakai??cakap la..(muke budak tuhh 

jadi seriusokeh.!!!winki!!!!

me:Apply mild, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic lotion,

 every day, after washing. Neutrogena or Cetaphil

 lotion are great choices. Weekly facial scrub, too

 (Neutrogena, again...

frens:x penah dgr pon...ape tuh.bag jerk brand ape..

me:x igt la

frens:oxytetracycline pill??

me:jgn..u nh stil sweet..bhay plk..ala u 

should cuci muka dgn air suam before tidor..gitu 

erkk(da boring) jadi kew..

me:jadik..xper la nak wt keje.r..nty tell then okeh...

frens:okeh..nty bgtaw...

me:tggu jab..actually i sapu AIKEN, AIKEN pun bagus 

jugak =).BUT lebih baik pakai 

mentholattum...hehehe..selamatt mencuba..

how to wear it??

from blg FL...NOT MINE
It works and is meant to get rid of pimples
You can see it working in one night if you use
it properly.

Go order a free pac of it and get it sent to your house and
try it. Trust me.

Way to use it:

-First you grab the tall white bottle
and scrub your face, take a while on your bumps
then wash it all off and dry your face

- Then grab the green bottle, put some
on a cloth and just wet your whole face,
let it fry

- Then finally, grab the short white bottle
and rub it on your face

Do that ^ 2-3 times a day,
afternoon (optional)

You'll see results!

And if you get the refining mask in the mail,
first wet your acne spots and then dab a little of the
cream on there and sleep in it.
Then you'll wake up and it shrinks

Hope this helps,
Good Luck!

p/s:hepy read my entry...

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iMBobo said...

haha xpernah beli ubat2 ni nk hilangkn jerawat :)

hafrawiey ozakawa said...

ala...dah iMBobo x der pimple..klo ade mesti carik kt pharmacy kan..111

Alisya said...

makan vco tak mujarab ye...mungkin sesetengah org tak serasi la agknya eh..

hafrawiey ozakawa said...

ntah dgr org ckp jerk..just ikut...hehehehe