Every 31st August,as u know Malaysians celebrate Hari Merdeka and commemorate the day of independence from the British. This year Malaysia turns 54 years old.kan???ermm.lets u minus it..2011-1957=54 kan...yeahh..u win!!!

I decided 2 teach my young cozen  how to appreciate our beloved flag by giving them one of their own. However I was given cold shoulders when I tried giving Adani my mini flag.

  Hmm, she didn't like it very much. Ahah, I know just what she wants..

 Now there's a big smile if I ever   saw one! Folks, if uever want ur kids 2 proudly carry the country's flag without so much as nose-turn, u have to cleverly entice the little buggers. u seduce n reel their sense of budding patriotism wif candy-bearing flags!

As a child I had my share of owning these cheap plastic flags. What better way 2 attract kids 2 wave the national flag other than 2 stuff the transparent flag handles wif little colored candy pieces! No sweet tooth kid could possibly refuse this ingenious product!
I bought the flags above for a mere 80 sen each. See, they don't even cost one ringgit; u can certainly afford 2 clean out the mamak(pak rahim as he looks black as mamak)mulut jahat) sundry shop of its candy flag stock and give one 2 every kid in ur neighborhood as a sign of Merdeka goodwill!

The sweets within were cheap colorful sugar globs, each carrying flavors that ranged from lame lime, ludicrous lemon to awful orange. After swallowing one, I reacted by trying to throw the rest out to save my little cozen from the torturous taste and, possibly, food poisoning.

I gave up however after I got jumped on and pummeled to the ground as my cozen wrestled their flags away from my hands.
[Image] Leave my candy flag alone! It's mine!nak balik....buruk siku taw
The Malaysian flag today has 14 stripes of white and red, and its large yellow star bears 14 points. But did you know that the flag originally had only 11 stripes and the star, 11 points, prior to 1963?its was trues as i learn abot it in my studies...sejarah form 3

Every year when Merdeka Day inches near, the government encourages people to hoist up the Malaysian flag as a sign of their love for the country, either on their cars, at their home or office compounds......

I know for a fact that commercial vehicles this year ar required 2 zoom around town with a flag during Merdeka season. Many companies also go all out to lavishly decorate their offices to celebrate the important occasion.

As much as I'd like to stick a flag on my car, I think it's an insult to the flag should it fly off the car when I hit 90km/hour.....

I have reasons to believe that the adhesive base that is supposed to keep your flag stuck to the windscreen isn't very strong.
A friend of mine spotted three flags in a single morning lying torn and dirty on a busy highway, having fallen off their owner's vehicles. I have far too much respect for the Jalur Gemilang to ever let that happen. So my flag shall remain ever so clean and dignified stuck to the end of my bed post.

But really lah, I think anyone who drives a Proton car should be excused for not sticking a flag on the tops of their cars come Merdeka day. I make this statement because of this one simple fact:my old car as proton

If you have to look at this crescent-and-star symbol every time you have to drive somewhere, and if anyone has the cheek to say you're not patriotic just because you don't carry a flag come Merdeka time, then I think these people deserve a nice good wallop.
Owners of the Malaysian national car are patriotic all year round!....
like this***


[Image] mydin tuh..baru jer shoping mase raye ari tuh... It's not too late yet even today is 6th sept 2011 to grab a flag to decorate ur house, bathroom, bedroom, woodshed, garage, classroom, etc. Malaysian flags are getting cheaper by the year. That car flag for example used to cost around 5 ringgit, and I bet in some establishments these small flags are still being sold at that price (unpatriotic, greedy fools). I found them for RM1.99 at my local myddin supermarket, however, and I jolly would not pay more.

Sometimes if you're lucky, you'll get complimentary flags from whatever organization that was generous enough to be giving away free flags on the highway. Of course I have lousy luck with this so I simply bought mine this year. Plus those candy flags are not half bad either; absolute value for money and you achieve the same desired result: owning a Malaysian flag to wave around until your arms drop off.

Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia!

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Kim Hyun Arry said...

haha..buat smua budak sukkan bndera..huhu

hafrawiey ozakawa said...

yup...nak suruh budak menghayati sikit..ape itu merdeka.(budak..include me la)

Eazy Izzuddin said...

semangat kemerdekaan ni..

hafrawiey ozakawa said...

huhuhu..y not..saya anak merdeka.kuikui.perasan betul

~Nana 귀여운~ said...

teringat lagi masa kecik2 dulu, suka beli bendera yang ada gula2 kat dalam tiub tuh..huhu

Run Away♥ said...

wa.....byk benderakan...;d

Run Away♥ said...
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Edy Zaidi said...

salam merdeka raya

hafrawiey ozakawa said...

wahh...tengs for u all...
k.nana:ermmm...mmg suke pon.sebab ade gula2 kan....yummy....nowdays.seldom to fint it...

run away:sy anak need more the flags...

edy:slm merdeka raye jugak

ekin alias said...

semangat nyer~ heeee

hafrawiey ozakawa said...

mesti la k.eken....jiwa merdeka gitu..