sparking Off Hari Raya WITH bunga api..

 Happy go to hell !!!!!Usually the villagers use this word when a firecracker and a sparkler was played by stranger.. anyway..

.where is im pround to touch it.:)u see!!!i was in pyjamas while cream on my face..dumb!!!

While strolling down a pasar malam on a wet Monday 

evening recently, I came across a group of three little 

boys huddling over something at a stall selling Hindi 

VCD movies.include Thailand VCD. Intrigued, I moved in for a closer look at 

what the tykes were awing at; suffice to say I instantly 

fell into a nostalgic trance by what I saw:GHOST??of 

course not..


Bunga api!! I have not played with bunga api (sparklers) ever since I left year six in SK sultan 

ibrahim(4), so   this was as good a time as any to check these thingsout. I didn't question why a VCD stall would 

be offering sparklers of various sizes and colors; after all if you could purchase illegal VCDs from roti men, I 

didn't see why you couldn't get fireworks from a VCD vendor. So who's complaining, the fireworks were there for 

all to see and buy.wink~~satu dozen ke nak beli???ideally not..but just afew of boxes(keaddan gedix-mencebik 

bibir sexyku)

I approached the boys and peered amusingly into the box of fireworks. I picked up one of the long yellow 

sparklers and loudly asked the stall owner if it was a mercun (firecracker). One cheeky boy in blue jumped on 

the chance to answer my inquiry:
first conversatin i think:

Tu bukan mercun kak, bunga api lah! (That's noope a firecracker, that's a sparkler!)My, my, only 8 years old n 

already eager to show off his knowledge to strangers! I smiled and said, "Oh ye ke Dik, sorry lah 

Abang(Ozakawa) lama tak main bunga api ni." ("Is that so? I haven't played with fireworks for a long time.")

The boys giggled at what may have appeared to be my ignorance, but really, I was just trying to strike a 

conversation. They continued to debate seriously amongst themselves about which sparklers they would get for 

Hari Raya in the same fashion that a group ofmakciks (elderly women) would to discuss what dishes they'd cook 

for the upcoming festivity of the end of Ramadan. The Indian lady who ran the stall gave the kids an approving 

glance in anticipation of good business, and then looked at me as we both chuckled at the kids' cute antics.


Before I left the gerai VCD, I asked the kids if they'd pose for a photo.

Me: Dik, ozakawa nak ambik gambar boleh tak? (May I take a picture 

of you?)

The boy who corrected my sparkler blunder appeared to be the leader 

of trio, so he pompously answered "Boleh, 

boleh abg! Jom!" ("Sure! Let's!"). He then quickly grabbed his two 

buddies by the necks to pull them closer for a 

group picture.

"Ok, satu dua tiga, senyum!" ("One, two, three, smile!") I cooed; 

toothy grins and a peace sign appeared, and 

my shutters and flash went off to capture the moment.
_________________________HAFRAWIEY IS SWEETIES_____

Later down the road, I met a man who was selling 

sparklers for kids and brooches for ladies. I was 

hoping he would be selling something that I was 

looking for in particular, a Hari Raya decorative item 

(which I will write about in my next article), but he 

unfortunately didn't carry them.The meRCHMAN  man 

that he is proposed thatbuy some bunga api instead. 

Of course, how could I refuse. I bought six ringgit 

worth of bunga api and three boxes of something 

called Pop Pop for RM2 (it was 80 sen per box - you get 

a discount if you buy three). like 

she will....kat backward umh granny.:)


p/s:like this..please this..please smile.

p/s:Although limited on availability, bunga api cum 

sparklers are there; they'll forever be a part of my childhood 

Hari Raya memories

p/s:ermm..need some follower...

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ciK LyndaWawa igUana said...

nak bunge api sekotak!!hehe..selamat hari raya..=]

hafrawiey ozakawa said...

yeah..selamat ary raye jgk...

~Nana 귀여운~ said...

syoknyer main bunga api..mintak la sikit..nak main gak..hehehehee

~Nana 귀여운~ said...

cube adik tengok kat side belah kanan blog k.nana, adik cari dr atas sampai bawah, cari slow2, nanti akan jumpe ''join this site'' yang itulah para blogger2 akan follow k.nana nanti...

ciK LyndaWawa igUana said...

ok..follow sudah..rajin2 lawan blog saye ye..tq..hehee

hafrawiey ozakawa said...

k.nana:tengs alot...u are the most pretty girl..(puji ikhlas yer).suke akk:)
k.lynda:wahh..tengs jugak...maaf la.mengada ckit.

hafrawiey ozakawa said...

k.nana:mmg best giler main bunga api taw...nxt tyme.blh la...

~Nana 귀여운~ said...

adik, try tengok kat blog kawan akk nie , yang butang follow mcm adik nak tu pon ader..

try tau..all the best :)

Saiazuan said...

haha bru la leh rasa raya klu men pop pop ni.. xD

hafrawiey ozakawa said...

my dearest nana:yeahh..tengs alot for ur help n servide..XD

saiazuan:Wah...mmg jgn main mercun taw.nty xder tangan taw...:P