how long does friendship last??

good morning for sesiapa yang baru bangun tido.good evening for sesiapa yang done'tea party"just now!!btw..Salam 1malaysia!!
Yah,today's topic is about friendship!When I was about Primary6-Form2,my favourite question is "How long does friendship last?" My friends were so fed up with this question already since I've asked so many time!But don't know start from when this question seldom/dissapear in my brain already since this is a lame question,HAHA!

Yah,now it's my turn to ask you again,"hey,you think how long does friendship last"? No answer?Undefine?Okay,accept all the answer as this question is all decide by god or fate :D And it's depends on people too.What's the different between good friend and true friend?I receive all kind of answer personally and facebook.

Sean Liau : a true friend may b a gud friend,a gud friend may nt b a true friend.
Jia Xin : a good fren wouldnt share JB ticket with u,but a true fren will share it
Wing Li : a good friend will hold u up when u fall, but a true fren will laugh their ass off then hold u up XD

Sean-what's the difficult? Guess what Jiaxin's bieber ticket is fake one :D And Wing Li tat guy yah.... Better dun fall in front of her or else she will laugh at you XD

Does forever exist in friendship too?

i have get used to alone sometimes,it's doesnt sound bad too.At least you can learn something like be more responsible for youself or getting independent. Maybe you wont get hurt too.

True friends are like the sun,they always shine while you're down.

True friends will stay beside you and wipe your tears away and her eyes which fill with tears will tell you :I'll smile when you smile and feel the pain you do and if you cry a single tear I promise I'll cry too.

True friends are like the diamonds,they are true and rare.

A true friend is like a BRA,hard to find supportive comfortable,always lifts you up and makes you look better! And always,CLOSER TO YOUR HEART.*x der niat nk lucah

A true friend will loves you, respect you, treat you like a priority. Make your joy a desire of hers/his'--as you only want to give joy in return

Sometimes,you treat people good but it doesnt seems like they treat you good too in return.

The most satisfied answer I search: A good friend will bail you out from jail but a true friend will sit beside you and said :" Damn.... We fucked up!"

Finding a friend is easy but a true/best friend is hard.Cherish your own friends now,maybe you'll need them sometimes.Remenber,friends are not an appratus for you to used,it's a priceless diamond for you to cherish and keep it well.

 p/s:entry no need to any pic.haha.sincerely..dun have latest pic with my dearest friends.
p/s:do not much like to talk abot this.
p/s:take care ur frns.ops.ur relationship
p/s:be my follower while leave some coment.kuikuki

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Feel so fucked up zzzz I cant find my camera -.- When I need it , it's gone , when I dont need it , it's everywhere -___- No camera = No photos upload. :( KByeThx.

p/s:i dun  knoe wat im doing sry
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p/s:its just.....

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expose everything under the sun..:)

 oit....salam 1Malaysia.kuikui

Hey guys,im now trying the latest blogger's latest vision :D Quite nice and I love it !  Well,this blog post that Im goin to write is all about my past or my feeling that I really need a little space to scream out by at least i can feel better :) Ermm,this is going to be a long post. If you dont want to read it,just click red [X] up there ! :D Im just write for myself ! face ritw now....

Sometimes,Im really tired of this world.The people in this world.They used to judge the people by the outlooking,it would really be a nice world without those realistic people.And ... there will be no hurt and pressure . Well,this world had taught me so many things. I should be grateful for it.But i rather not to be born in such a world. It's sucks. Leaving scar on people's heart. The scar will keep on haunting on the mirror.
Since primary Idk whats wrong with the fate,my best friends are always the beauty and the popular one in our school. So you know what ? Boys used to say to me :" Hey,why your bff are so pretty and skinny but then how come you are exactly opposite some more you can mix with them well ! Take my hats off to you ! Such an outlooking also can be friend with pretty girls. OMG! Amazing! *Blah blah blah* " The most hurtful word ever in my life ! I was just a primary kid ! You dont have to say such a mean word to me even if I had done wrong or offence ppl! LOL. Yah,you've taught me that outlooking is really important to a person.Free to judge everything base on the outlooking of the people . 

 Kidding and joking. If you were just kindly joking with me , thats okay. Anything you can joke about but not my family and something thats over my line. *Fierce tone BUAHAHA* Be serious! Okay,I wont take it on heart,really! There's one thing i can say is : Im really get used to it.Even Im really angry about , it wouldn't lasted for many many hours or days.Give a fuck to those craps for what?Waste time only. 

But you guys knw what? When I said Im get used of it,it doesnt means that it's not hurt !Take note about that :) By the way,joking for many times of something isn't funny at all. The first or second time,I would just LOL with it.But when it comes to my ear for thousand times....hey Im boring with it.Just get a latest joke which can make me LOL. In fact,joking of my outlook would make me have no faith in myself as I believe that Im really that worst look bcoz everyone's joking about it.Know what?It's hurtful.I've really tried to make myself look better or improve my look everyday,I had tried my best.But when your laughness about whattf of me,I would just give up and sink myself in despair,asking myself and scolding :" Hey bitch,this is a cruel world.Your looks is amazingly worst and ugly in the whole world.HAHA,great!Just get this shitty look off from the mirror,it even makes me want to puke!" Thats what i speak to myself last time. Now? idk. 

Dont ever look at my picture. Of course I wouldn't post my ugly pictar for you guys to enjoy HAHA! Just take me as a faker on internet.In fact,I wasnt pretty as the pictar shown. My relative always laugh at my outlook too,LOL,thats what I said: I've get used to it already. I had a pretty cousin , everyone loves her and dote her very very much.I was really boyish and clumsy last time.Hangging out with my boy cousin to play stupid games. Guess what ,those boy cousin didn't like me at all.They rather call my pretty cousin out than calling mie :( When I tagged along(thick face),they purposely show an unhappy face and mumbling :"Stupid worms which likes to follow people's ass." HAHA,I dont care at all.I love to have fun with them,but they dont knw that i was really upset and crying when i was showering. LOL,just laugh it XD

My mum told me that there's my grandmum's friends judging my looks while i was just a new born baby.because I was only with three hair HAHAHA! LOL,cant stop laughing at myself. Only my grandparents and father show favouritism on this ugly child. I love them so muchieeee! <3 
Yea,Im with my tan skin :) So what ? Believe or not,Im really fair when I was three years old ! Yah,I love sunlight and beaches,I had went to Pulau-Pulau in Malaysia. So yeaaaaaa,they did a 'great' work on my skin :( I dont even know what's sunblock that times! (Innocent+stupid)

What Indian indian indian black skin malay whatsoever,i dont care zzzz. LOL. Childish.

I dont like to take pic sometimes,because I look sucks. I seriously seriously very seriously hate taking ugly photo. That annoying moment when you saw your ugly pictar on the internet. Maybe the people beside you in the photo looks nice so they jus geh geh says :" NOOO! You're pretty ! " Hypocrites,I always says that please just edit my face/draw my whole face or hide it with some cartoons or whatever.But they didn't. They just want to show people they're prettier and scare that if they draw my face the photo will nt look nice anymore. Fuck it , i rather dont want to take pictar.So here I want to say,if i've post you guys' ugly photo or what,just ask me to delete it or hide your face okay?Dont worry,I wont be unhappy or what :D  No offence,I just want to make things clear. Dont curse me in your heart okay :D 

 Thick face. Some of you guys knw,Im thick face. HHA,actually it's a form of escapism. Of course I knw I wasnt really pretty and hot . Im just want to make you guys laugh :) 

Comparison. I really that being compared by others.EXTREMELY HATE IT. Compare me with other people is the thing i hate most in my life.It seems like this is one of the hobby of my family,relative and friends.Just go on compare me with other people,I will hate you :) Lots of example I can say somebody compare me with other people saying i wasnt good or pretty enough + all those hurtful words.Just skip it,because IM TIRED OF IT.
 Think twice before you speak,because it may hurts people's heart.I had a bad influence of it,when you guys start judging the outlook ,i start to judge people's face too. I wish+hope I wouldn't do that kind of criticism on anyone else. I dont want leaving scar and make people hate me. God,please help me get rid of this stupid bad influence !

Im seeking encouragment , not your judgement :)

Nah,show off my ugly picture when I was in primary six. The fat ass at the right with orange colour hat :) Yea,thats me. Say Hi to mie yah ! HAHA!

Im now still with that look HAHA! LOL! Dont need you guys' judgement,i knw im ugly :'D

p/s:sory for late update my blog.quite bz catch after myy class..wahh..exam just around the corner.wis for me:P..

p/s:leave some coment...

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Hey guys,I bet you all knw what i'll talking about in this post.Look at the picture,dont understand then you should tell me tat you're blind JKJK :D Yah,my first exam in school,other goverment schools' students have just finish their TRIAL exam... When it comes to exam,so stress man :( Even though my mind ask me to study but just lack of the "mood of study" :( 

This is what I'm goin to do before the first day of exam:tomorrow.Dont worry,I wont burn midnight oil :D

Pray for myself .............
I hope I can go and study later,seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Okays,tats my result :D

I'm fortune-teller wat XD

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Every 31st August,as u know Malaysians celebrate Hari Merdeka and commemorate the day of independence from the British. This year Malaysia turns 54 years old.kan???ermm.lets u minus it..2011-1957=54 kan...yeahh..u win!!!

I decided 2 teach my young cozen  how to appreciate our beloved flag by giving them one of their own. However I was given cold shoulders when I tried giving Adani my mini flag.

  Hmm, she didn't like it very much. Ahah, I know just what she wants..

 Now there's a big smile if I ever   saw one! Folks, if uever want ur kids 2 proudly carry the country's flag without so much as nose-turn, u have to cleverly entice the little buggers. u seduce n reel their sense of budding patriotism wif candy-bearing flags!

As a child I had my share of owning these cheap plastic flags. What better way 2 attract kids 2 wave the national flag other than 2 stuff the transparent flag handles wif little colored candy pieces! No sweet tooth kid could possibly refuse this ingenious product!
I bought the flags above for a mere 80 sen each. See, they don't even cost one ringgit; u can certainly afford 2 clean out the mamak(pak rahim as he looks black as mamak)mulut jahat) sundry shop of its candy flag stock and give one 2 every kid in ur neighborhood as a sign of Merdeka goodwill!

The sweets within were cheap colorful sugar globs, each carrying flavors that ranged from lame lime, ludicrous lemon to awful orange. After swallowing one, I reacted by trying to throw the rest out to save my little cozen from the torturous taste and, possibly, food poisoning.

I gave up however after I got jumped on and pummeled to the ground as my cozen wrestled their flags away from my hands.
[Image] Leave my candy flag alone! It's mine!nak balik....buruk siku taw
The Malaysian flag today has 14 stripes of white and red, and its large yellow star bears 14 points. But did you know that the flag originally had only 11 stripes and the star, 11 points, prior to 1963?its was trues as i learn abot it in my studies...sejarah form 3

Every year when Merdeka Day inches near, the government encourages people to hoist up the Malaysian flag as a sign of their love for the country, either on their cars, at their home or office compounds......

I know for a fact that commercial vehicles this year ar required 2 zoom around town with a flag during Merdeka season. Many companies also go all out to lavishly decorate their offices to celebrate the important occasion.

As much as I'd like to stick a flag on my car, I think it's an insult to the flag should it fly off the car when I hit 90km/hour.....

I have reasons to believe that the adhesive base that is supposed to keep your flag stuck to the windscreen isn't very strong.
A friend of mine spotted three flags in a single morning lying torn and dirty on a busy highway, having fallen off their owner's vehicles. I have far too much respect for the Jalur Gemilang to ever let that happen. So my flag shall remain ever so clean and dignified stuck to the end of my bed post.

But really lah, I think anyone who drives a Proton car should be excused for not sticking a flag on the tops of their cars come Merdeka day. I make this statement because of this one simple fact:my old car as proton

If you have to look at this crescent-and-star symbol every time you have to drive somewhere, and if anyone has the cheek to say you're not patriotic just because you don't carry a flag come Merdeka time, then I think these people deserve a nice good wallop.
Owners of the Malaysian national car are patriotic all year round!....
like this***


[Image] mydin tuh..baru jer shoping mase raye ari tuh... It's not too late yet even today is 6th sept 2011 to grab a flag to decorate ur house, bathroom, bedroom, woodshed, garage, classroom, etc. Malaysian flags are getting cheaper by the year. That car flag for example used to cost around 5 ringgit, and I bet in some establishments these small flags are still being sold at that price (unpatriotic, greedy fools). I found them for RM1.99 at my local myddin supermarket, however, and I jolly would not pay more.

Sometimes if you're lucky, you'll get complimentary flags from whatever organization that was generous enough to be giving away free flags on the highway. Of course I have lousy luck with this so I simply bought mine this year. Plus those candy flags are not half bad either; absolute value for money and you achieve the same desired result: owning a Malaysian flag to wave around until your arms drop off.

Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia!

p/s:saya suke blog i love it too much.

.p/s:hopefully i got many follower
.p/s:doakan saya dapat banyak follower...
.p/s:needa few mentor for teaching me in english subject.
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P/s:coment cikit
P/S:IM SO SORY AS my blog not arrange like ur blog...kuikuia

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WElcOme to OpeN hOuSE**:)WAHHH...

The fasting month for the Malays finally comes to the end kan???,i mean dah raya lor!!suke~~~:) and that marks the new year celebration for Muslims around the world. Here, I would take this opportunity to wish all Muslims, particularly Malaysians, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!!!! even i had wish to u all many times kan??its ok..

*********8muka x bersalah**********

i personaly do not have many close Malay friends,but i have many of chinese and indian.. and so there is no invitation to any open house. I’m fine with that as I usually have no appetite towards all the typical food served during open house. Anyway, I like the tradition of having open house here, especially in Malaysia especialy in kelantan, where all people of different races(i dun think so becouse malay not too close with other races)**** are gathered together, showing the spirit of peaceful society and One Malaysia.(good of word)sure Najib like this****

 i sure n believe a lot of us Malaysians are still in Hari Raya or holiday mode right?  muslim friends who traveled hundreds of miles back to home to celebrate this joyous festival must have felt that the cuti haari raya were a bit too short aye. Don't feel like going to school tomorrow, do you? It's OK. Time flies and in no time it will be Hari Raya again. Remember the good times that you had with your family and friends; Remember the good food that you had after fasting for the whole it will only be fitting if I post something about Hari Raya Aidilfitri in my blog right?

During our last visit back home to pasir mas,my family(cozen n their family) actually had the opportunity to attend my familys' Hari Raya Open House. my family(cozen n their family) very generously invuted by my familys' hari raya open house!!!

Bandar pasir mas The age-old kelatenies tradition of Hari Raya open house has changed with time, whereby families now hire caterers to prepare not only local delicacies but also fusion food. But one.. thing still remains the same family and friends come together as one.Although this Hari Raya open house was meant to be a simple one, we were quite astonished to be served with quite a lot of good food. My apologies that I couldn't snap all the glorious food with my camera as it ran out of juice. Hence the photos you see in this post were all captured using my Nokia E71which certainly didn't justify what the food actually looks like in reality. My bad... :'( Altogether there were around 7 dishes of mouth-watering food. We had chicken curry, "Ayam Masak Merah" (Rec-cookedchicken), rendang, lontong, ketupat, tomato rice and "kuih dakap" (hugging cake). All of them were simply appetizing but my favourite has got to be flavorsome rendang. What used to be ready-made food served on long buffet table, now, guests have the opportunity to cook their own food!Yummy :D

next:did i lokks gorgez????

perasan dowh)****:P

at night, children gather to light the skies with colourful fireworks to further enliven the spirit of Hari Raya.
i think the abjective why my family organised open house....its was because, as family and friends come together during Hari Raya, it is the perfect time to seek forgiveness for all wrong doings and patch up old grudges, as well as strengthen the bonds between family members.


:WAH....itu rumah granyy...raya ke dua baru berye..kurNG AJAR BETUL

U SEE???yg baju hijau tuh...cozen i..diminati ramai cewek...:P
2:yg berbaju putih,berkain pelikat tuh..ustaz..opss...arkitek mude tuh.arkitek  plus designer...nsem x???status??in relation kot..

k.uyu,cik haz n cik reen korea tuh..

cucu nenek..semua cntik mcm owner blog nh..wek!!

wow..datin selly pon kaya tuh..

di mana..cozen i pon ramai attend.:P

geng of hero(geng bujang)

p/s:next entry..i will post anything else..not abot raya more!!!da abih da.kuikuaikiu...

p/s:u all still can visit my blog taw...
p/s:u all can follow me...

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